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Jeffrey Mandel, Esq. heads the Appellate Practice Group at The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Mandel LLC and can be reached at 973-921-0003 or

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Jeff Mandell

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New Jersey appeal lawyer Jeffrey Mandel.

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New Jersey Appellate Practice

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    An interlocutory appeal is an appeal filed during the pendency of litigation. You can click above on "interlocutory appeals" to learn about interlocutory appeals or, for a complete how-to guide written by Jeffrey S. Mandel, read the book on New Jersey appeals in New Jersey used by lawyers throughout the State. In New Jersey's go-to appeal book, New Jersey Appellate Practice (Gann Law Books), Jeff Mandel offers a how-to guide, forms, and insight from years of experience handling appeals before the Appellate Division and the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

     If you find yourself having to file an interlocutory appeal, review New Jersey Appellate Practice or feel free to call or email Jeff Mandel for a determination of whether he will handle the appeal for you at

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